Why did you choose to focus on getting media coverage (PR) for Queue-it?
At Queue-it we feel that media coverage is a good way to support our efforts to spread the word about our mission to help support fairness on the internet during mass-interest campaigns, ticket sales and other activities. When we invented the Queue-it virtual waiting room back in 2010 it was the first online queue system to be launched, so it was efficient to support our communication by getting the media to write about what we created.
How early in your “startup journey” did you choose to focus on getting a media coverage for Queue-it?
Our first press coverage was in connection with the launch of the Queue-it company and product back in 2010.
What value do you feel the media coverage has given you and Queue-it as a brand? Are there any concrete results you can highlight?
As I see it PR mainly supports our general branding efforts at Queue-it. It is very difficult to track specific customers back to a media mention or similar, but we feel confident that the effect is positive.
Will you continue to invest (time / money) in media coverage for Queue-it?
We are not allocating any budget to PR/media coverage, but we will continue to issue news to select media ourselves and are always very focused on being super responsive to the press when we receive inbound questions from journalists.
Based on your experience, would you in general say it is a good idea for startups to invest (time / money) on media coverage? (Do you see any examples where you should NOT go for media coverage?)
It depends on the product/strategy but I would say it could not hurt if you can handle it the right way.